A055: VuLASTE: Long Sequence Model with Abstract Syntax Tree Embedding for Vulnerability Detection

A101: Research on Ocean Garbage Target Detection Algorithm Based on Improved YOLOv5s

A103: Design and Implementation of Industrial Robot Training Platform Based on Digital Twinning

A108: Research On Intelligent Recognition Technology Of Cigarette Laser Code Based On Deep-Learning

A115: Research on Speedup Ratio Based on Reduction and Critical

A120: Locity Profiles Time Series Prediction Method Based on EMD-NARX Model

A123: SBAS InSAR Subsidence Monitoring For Mining Areas Based On Levelling Constraints

A126: Simulation of Beamline Motion Control of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility BL13U

A127: Emotional Conversation Generation based on Emotion-adaptive Transformer Network

A129: Research on Simulation Technology Based on Fault Injection

A130: A derivative-free Trust-region Method for Optimization on an Ellipsoid

A132: Study on Deformation Mechanism of Saturated Sand Based on Discrete Element Method

A133: Simulation and Analysis of Suspension System Based on Co-simulation

A137: Evaluation Method of New Energy Accommodation Capacity Based on Time Series Production Simulation

A139: Optimization of Direct Speed Model Predict Control of Vehicle PMSM based on LSTM Network

A144: Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation Based on Chaotic Gravitational Rat Swarm Optimization

A147: Mobile Robot Global Planning Based on Improved A* Algorithm Path Planning Research

A148: Color Image Encryption Algorithm Based on 2D-TSLM Model

A150: Dynamic Domain ID Based on DDS for AIoT

A154: Design and implementation of indoor visual autonomous navigation system for quadrotor UAV based on binocular camera and IMU

A156: Research on Fault Diagnosis Algorithm of Subway Vehicle Door System Based on Multi-stage Feature Fusion of Vibration Signals

A157: Design method of meta operators based on Equivalence class distribution