Submission info

  • Please send your paper to Conference Authors are requested to format their papers according to the template format on the official website. Send the full text of the typeset paper (word version) to the conference email:
  • Submission of abstracts: participation in the conference for presentation only, no publication of articles;
  • Submission of the full text: do participate in the conference to make a presentation and publish the article;
  • Audience: In the case of the audience, there is no need to submit a manuscript, and a successfully registered audience can attend all sessions of the conference.
  • Paper template please click HERE to download

    Submission requirements:

  • The official language is English, and the manuscript must be in full English and should be of academic or practical value and not have been published in a national or international academic journal or conference;
  • Articles are generally no less than 6 pages in length, including formulas charts, etc. Over-page charges will apply for more than 7 pages;
  • Any kind of plagiarism is not acceptable. Our editrial office will refuse all subsequent submissions of authors convicted of plagiarism or other serious offence against publication ethics. Word-by-word copies or close imitations of texts from other sources (journals, books, internet, etc.) without proper citation are considered as plagiarism even if it concerns short parts (usually at least seven consecutive words) of the manuscript. The repetition rate must not exceed 20%.
  • Article Acceptance: If your article is accepted, we will notify you by email and you will receive the acceptance documents from the ASCE editrial office.

  • Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: 31 July 2024 (Final Round)
  • Conference registration deadline date: 20 Auguest 2024
  • Final version of submissions: 10 September 2024